Tuesday, August 1, 2017

p  r  e  s  e  n  t  s

C A R M E L A  R A P P A Z Z O

[IMAGE: Jackson Beales]

This week my guest on The JazzBites Show grew up in upstate New York with a love for learning the great American songbooks from an early age. A lover of the arts in all its forms, she’s been involved in the <off-off Broadway theatre> in New York City, working both behind the scenes and in front of camera appearing in a handful of independent films and working with such notable film directors as Wolfgang Petersen, Rob Reiner, Jonathan Lynn, and Ken Kwapis. As an original and established Jazz vocalist and recording artist she's performed with some of the most established names in the business, and has graced the Jazz Scene in Los Angeles, New York, New Mexico, New Orleans, and more recently at the much-publicized event the LONDON JAZZ PLATFORM in the United Kingdom.

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Carmela Rappazzo by Sammy Stein

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