Sunday, July 23, 2017

p  r  e  s  e  n  t  s  

S  A  M  M  Y    S  T  E  I  N

[Image: Courtesy Tomahawk Press]

This week my guest on The JazzBites Show is an outstanding writer and reviewer in the world of Jazz, and has graced the pages of some of the leading Jazz Journals and Magazines around the world with her inspired in-depth reviews of new music and performers from both sides of the Atlantic. Today she’ll be chatting to JazzBites about her debut presenting the <London Jazz Platform> - a live Jazz event starring Jazz artists from the US, Great Britain & Europe she recently organised and directed in the UK in June, her passion for discovering exciting new talent on today’s buzzing Jazz scene, and the launch of her eagerly-awaited new book ALL THAT’S JAZZ that's already causing excitement among Jazz aficionados everywhere (including a nod from the White House) and is currently causing a stir on social media and beyond.

Anthea Redmond, July 23rd 2017 - 
The JazzBites Show,

You can purchase Sammy's
exciting new book ALL THAT'S
JAZZ from Tomahawk Press

Sammy Stein is a popular Jazz
writer for several Jazz Media
Magazines and a senior writer
for JAZZ IN EUROPE (recent Tina May review, right), and you
can read other highly-subscribed
articles and CD reviews by Sammy on the JIE WEBSITE.




Sammy Stein is known for her interviews with many musicians and her insightful reviews of CDs, Concerts, and Articles on Jazz History, and the current Jazz scene. Sammy is a columnist for ALL ABOUT JAZZ and SOMETHING ELSE REVIEWS, and is a senior writer for JAZZ IN EUROPE. Sammy is known for her honest and accessible writing style, and many in the Jazz world are already excited about this book, and so they should be. It is the book that Jazz has been waiting for?

Nigel Farmer, EDITOR - Jazz In Europe, July 2017. 

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