Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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JazzBites welcomes back esteemed British journalist, author, Father Christmas impersonator, Deputy Editor of the inimitable PRIVATE EYE Magazine, regular panelist on the British TV show HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU, and the FRIDAY QUIZ (hosted by Sandi Toksvig) on BBC Radio 4, Francis Wheen; who gives us an insight as to how the British Media are reporting the Presidential Campaign for the White House in Great Britain in comparison to the efforts being made in the USA. A microscopic delve into how the Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn is settling into his new role as leader of the opposition, a view on the gun laws situation in the United States, the way school used to be way back in the 60s, and his opinion on American chocolate. 

[Image: Courtesy of Francis Wheen]

Joining Francis on the show this week is the international best-selling author, biographer to the likes of Stephen Hawking, Gallileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Machiavelli and Leonardo Da Vinci, ex British journalist, former Science Editor of GQ Magazine, and former 80s pop star from The Thompson Twins, Michael White; who speaks to us from his home in Perth, Australia, to tell us how the Aussie's reacted when restrictions on gun ownership were implemented down-under. What he does - and doesn't - miss about living in England these days, how he was punished as an extremely naughty boy at school, and why he thinks Hillary Clinton might be a slightly better bet for President for the United States than Bernie Sanders. Blimey.

[Image: courtesy of Michael White]

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