Saturday, December 12, 2015



This week my guest on JazzBites is a spirited, show-stopping, renowned singer and songwriter whose sultry style, soulful blues and jazz ballads have become classics which transcend time.

A regular and popular performer on the music scene in her beloved Chicago since her earliest days, she's left an indelible mark on audiences there and to fans old and new with her incredible voice and innovative songwriting ability. Today, she speaks to us from her home in Mississippi about her long-awaited album - MO' BETTER BLUES - her adventures as a performer in show business, new projects on the horizon, her mission to inspire others, and her passion for life and music.

"A percussive, acoustic, neo-soul blues album capable of leaving fans shaking, punkers with their jaws on the floor, housewives quivering, and alterna-kids feeling hip for a second or two. 
MO' BETTER BLUES is as pure and emotional as it gets." (Music Access)

MO' BETTER BLUES - a new album by LaJa Ferlance is available HERE on Amazon

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