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My guest this week on JazzBites is a performer with a completely holistic approach to her craft. She sings, plays guitar, writes songs, arranges, and produces her own unique brand of music which brings together a spectrum of international cultural influences which make her stand out from her contemporaries. Growing up in the South of France, the daughter of a French mother and Lebanese father, she possesses both Eastern and European roots which brings an exotic energy to her singing and writing style. Today she speaks about her effortlessly addictive debut album MUSIC, and her experiences collaborating with renowned music producer Dean (Sir) Gant,  and some of the best musicians in Paris: bassist Etienne Mbappe, pianist Cedric Duchemann, and drummer Fabrice Thompson.  [Image: Courtesy Ellene Masri]

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Listen to Ellene's vibrant new Album <MUSIC>  available on <iTunes> & <Amazon>

"Ellene Masri has provided me with the opportunity to concentrate on a style of music I do not get to hear often............Masri not only allows access to her heart, thoughts, and inner-most confessions; she takes you on a tour of the globe." Sam Liddicott (Music, Musings & Such) UK.

"One of Jazz's finest albums of today, every song is so raw as it has been torn from her chest and is extremely natural and graceful." Giglutz, UK.

"Her mix of cultural influences, roots and travels has inspired a quality, soulful, and Jazz-infused album that has been a firm favourite on JAZZ.FM."  Chris Phillips, (JAZZ.FM), UK.

"Ellene Masri has definitely made an impact with the warm, inviting, and wholesome sounds of her new release; even attracting legendary Cameroonian/French bassist Etienne Mbappe to contribute extensively to the set." Michael Edwards, AKA "The Dude" (UK VIBE), UK.

"Newcomer Ellene Masri is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is turning a few heads with her folk meets soul sound on her debut album <MUSIC>. She caught our ears too, and we're proud to present this new European star-in-the-making with our newest SoulTracks First Listen." (SOULTRACKS), USA.

" Ellene straddles the line between Soul and Jazz effortlessly." ARTISTETALK Magazine: Conversations For The Modern Entertainer, USA

"Ellene Masri: talented songwriter, guitarist, and performer, opens up about her last music project, mixed roots, and special encounters." Francesca Bondioli (EMPIRE RADIO Magazine), USA

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