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This week my guest on Jazzbites is an author and journalist whose reputation as one of the most accomplished and innovative writers on the Jazz scene today is steadily growing. Currently in demand as both a reviewer and writer, her in-depth articles and interviews have appeared in highly popular media ALL ABOUT JAZZ, SOMETHING ELSE REVIEWS, and JAZZ IN EUROPE where her unique style has the stamp of approval from both editors and performers alike. Today, she speaks to us from her home in the South of England and chats about her exciting new Jazz project which is gaining momentum as we speak and scheduled for release this time next year.

Your Hostess, Anthea Redmond
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ALL THAT'S JAZZ - a new book by SAMMY STEIN -  is scheduled for release in Winter 2016 and will be available from Tomahawk Press

You can read some of SAMMY'S superb Jazz articles listed here below:

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