Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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M U N E E R   N A S S E R

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The Son of the late great Jazz bassist Jamil Nasser, Muneer Nasser's exposure to the Jazz idiom was early and powerful; and at only nine years of age he was blown away when his famous father took him to see Dizzy Gillespie play LIVE at the Village Gate in New York, and from that moment he just knew he had to learn the trumpet.

With over 200 compositions to his credit he's recorded music across several genres including reggae, Jazz, Rock, EDM, Rap, and R&B; winning an award for best soundtrack at the DC 48-Hour Film Festival in 2015. Nasser's passion and knowledge of Jazz History is evident from his experience in established educational Jazz forums in the District of Columbia and Howard University where he developed a lifelong commitment to the study of Jazz.

Muneer's compelling new book UPRIGHT BASS: The Musical Life & Legacy of JAMIL NASSER is a riveting read where he discloses compelling stories in a frank narrative about his Father's career built upon numerous informal interviews with Jazz Masters whose answers stimulated his quest to document Jazz History.

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" I loved the way Jamil played bass, so I asked him
to join my band. His great bass playing and personality contributed much to my music."
                                                              B.B. King.

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