Sunday, August 26, 2018

P  r  e  s  e  n  t  s

J u l i a n  H a r r i s   &  J u l i a  C a m a y d

S  O  U  L  P  A  X

[Photos: @ZKVisuals]

This week on The JazzBites Show I’m pleased to welcome back the creators and the inspiration behind a singularly-superb soul and blues band that’s the best thing to come out of sunny Florida for a very long time. Playing their own brand of distinctive and original music to appreciative audiences in their native Miami, they’re known as the uber-talented super-band SOULPAX led by the admirable JULIAN HARRIS & the superb JULIA CAMAYD. We discuss the imminent launch of their eagerly-awaited new album INSIDE OUTSIDE, why their writing style is so distinctive, how they balance their inspirational influences with a their dual creative ability, and their excitement about their plans for a forthcoming promotional album tour.

Anthea Redmond, The JazzBites Show, August 23rd, 2018


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