Tuesday, July 12, 2016



[Image: Courtesy Teo Dimov]

This week my guest on JazzBites is an accomplished Australian singer/songwriter, classically-trained guitarist, and is currently wowing audiences across the globe with his wonderful and melodious songs on a daily basis on JazzBitesRadio.com. A performer who oozes talent in bundles along with his positivity and welcoming manner,  he now resides permanently in France after furthering his extensive musical education earned in Australia by going on to study for a degree in music at the Conservatoire de Paris. Today, he talks about the early days touring across Europe performing with his distinctive sound, the musical influences in his life from early childhood, what happens when a 9 year old boy informs his musician father that the song he's playing is 'all wrong,' performing in major concerts, radio, and television as a schoolboy in his native Australia, what's new on the horizon for him musically, and his eagerness to perform in the United States.

[Anthea Redmond, July 12th, 2016]

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