Thursday, June 4, 2015



My guest this week on JAZZBITES is an accomplished performer with a voice described as sophisticated, satin smooth, and was nominated for best Jazz vocals by the Academie Du Jazz in 2011. She takes time out from her hectic schedule in Paris, France to talk about her life, her passion for Jazz, and how she was discovered in true Hollywood Musical style when singing and sweeping the sidewalk as a single Mother 20 years ago in her home town of Philadelphia. A lifelong fan of Sarah Vaughn, she started out as backing vocals on the Jazz scene and has shared the stage with some of the greatest performers in the business such as Billy Paul, Dexter Wansel, Roy Hargrove, Ted Curson, and Lou Rawls at venues in and around Philadelphia; and Celine Delon at Madison Square Gardens in New York. Eventually, she took the tough decision to choose between a stable career in medicine and an opportunity to go solo: an amazing six albums later ~ two with her own label Cristal Records ~ and with a huge fan base both at home and abroad, she tours and makes a terrific contribution to the Jazz scene all over the world. Denise King has now been signed by DOT TIME RECORDS.

For more information about Denise King, her music and tour dates, go to!biography/c139r

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