Thursday, May 21, 2015



My guest on JazzBites this week is a best-selling author, socialite, Radio & TV Personality, and distinctive biographer to Diana, the late Princess of Wales, and Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, the Queen Mother. Born in Jamaica to a prominent and influential family, she grew up and moved to New York where she had a successful career as a fashion model and was renowned for her great beauty. Married briefly to the son of the 11th Duke of Argyll in the 1970s, she went on to carve herself a career as a frank and controversial writer, eventually taking the huge step of embracing motherhood when she adopted two baby boys from Russia in 1993. Today, passionate about politics and with a refreshingly keen sense of humour, she lives happily in her country house in Sussex in the South of England.

[Image: Tristan Galinski, Caribbean Belle Magazine]

Lady Colin Campbell's collection of books together with her biographies on Diana, Princess of Wales, and Elizabeth Bowes Lyon: the Queen Mother are available on Amazon <Click Here>

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