Wednesday, May 6, 2015



My guest on JazzBites this week is a best-selling author, biographer, seasoned journalist, broadcaster and Deputy Editor for PRIVATE EYE Magazine. He’s also well-known for his appearances on the popular satirical TV quiz show HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU, and THE NEWS QUIZ hosted by Sandi Toksvig on BBC Radio 4. He speaks frankly about his fondness for the late great Peter Cook, fellow Harrow alumni Mark Thatcher and Richard Curtis, the secret dinners with Salman Rushdie, his close friendship with Christopher Hitchens, the spat with Rambo actor Sylvester Stallone, running away from home at 16 to begin life anew in an alternative society, and the tragic library fire which consumed 40 years of his life's work.

To read more of the published works of Francis Wheen, go to his author page at Amazon.

Francis Wheen in The Guardian ~ A Life In Writing

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