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My guest this week on JazzBites became a successful British journalist reporting from Africa on political and human rights issues for THE GUARDIAN, and was political correspondent for HARPERS & QUEEN, and a regular contributor to the irreverent and forever popular PUNCH Magazine. She's also noted for her revealing psychological profiles in supplements for THE SUNDAY TIMES, DAILY TELEGRAPH, MAIL ON SUNDAY, SUNDAY MIRROR, THE PEOPLE, and WOMAN'S JOURNAL. A passionate political campaigner, she brought breathtaking glamour to the political arena as candidate for the Liberal party in the UK general election in 1966, and later her successful biographies on former British Prime Minister JOHN MAJOR and the MARQUESS OF BATH brought her fame and the enviable reputation as both author and interviewer. A successful novelist, screenplay writer, songstress, composer, lyricist, film maker, and dedicated Francophile, she speaks to us from her home in the beautiful Berkshire countryside in England.

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The Banker's Daughter is available here

Catherine Clyne has everything----except love. Rich, beautiful, married to a rising Government Minister, daughter of an influential City banker, owner of her own magazine empire, she craves love. She finds it in the arms of a dangerous lover who drives her to extremes of obsession. Cat rebels against her father and her social privileges in this dramatic story of passion across class barriers but her cut glass world and the illusions that hold it together shatter when her driven search for truth brings dark secrets to light.

This novel is likened to DH Lawrence's 'Lady Chatterley's Lover" a story where passion transcends class. Like Lawrence's masterpiece in its time, The Banker's Daughter (when first published by Sidgwick and Jackson in 1989) shocked many with its bold sexual scenes. The author's storytelling skills are likened to those of Jeffrey Archer and her descriptions of the chandelier lit world where top people make dubious deals reminds critics of the novels of the late Vanity Fair writer, and novelist Dominic Dunne.

JOHN MAJOR by Nesta Wyn Ellis is available on AMAZON

THE MARQUESS OF BATH: LORD OF LOVE by Nesta Wyn Ellis is available on AMAZON

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